Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've arrived!!

Hey everybody.
Jackson Stokes Pugh has entered the building! I arrived on October 26th at 9:57AM. I made it a little difficult on mom so the doctor had to bring me in via C-section. But no worries, mom and I are doing great.

My stats:
7.0 lbs
20 inches
lots of dark hair already

My new family is staying in the hospital until Saturday just to make sure I'm ready to go home, but so far everything has been great. I've already had a chance to meet my grandparents and a few other "aunts and uncles." I'll keep updating my photos here but I can't wait to meet everyone in person.

Headed into the hospital

Happy Birthday!!

Meeting my Grandparents

My new happy family


  1. LOOKIN' SHARP BUDDY!!!! Can't wait for our first fist bump.

  2. God Bless! Welcome to the FLING Family Jackson! Rock on Kid!

  3. You guys are the happiest family I have ever seen. Keep up those SMILES...Enjoy him... he seems to be a little pip already and cute as a button... Love Gina

  4. Quite a handsome addition to the Pugh family. Jackson is so cuddly and such a pumpkin. We are so glad we were able to be here to share this exciting time for Paul and Hannah and our family. We are so blessed and so proud of our children and grandchildren. Love, Mom/Nana