Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend at Grammy & Grandpa's

It was an icy morning in New Hampshire.

Jackson's favorite thing was to hang out with Grammy & Grandpa in the morning...

The gang took a walk...Isabelle tried to convince us to get a free bunny!

Grandma hiding behind her camera.

Wyatt's the big boy now.

All tuckered out from our walk...even Tucker needs a nap.

Meeting some of the Hillsboro Girls

Chace wasn't too interested in Jackson at first.

But Chuck decided to add Baby Jackson to his Christmas Wish List.

Lindsay got to meet Jackson!
And then Chace decided whatever Jackson had looked good!

Craig forgot how little they started out as.

Kaylea and Emma thought he looked tiny.

Auntie Kelsie got him to sleep for a little bit.

Auntie Kim got him with his eyes open.

Does Auntie Tammy want another one?!

Where my baby Jackson?

Cousin Wyatt wants to know...Where my baby Jackson?

He was so proud and happy to hold him again!

Me hold, me hold!

Gobble gobble...Thanksgiving in NH

Thanksgiving begins with a turkey outfit...

Which Jackson destroyed on the car ride up to NH!

Great Aunt Sandy rocked Jackson to sleep while dinner was made.

Jackson got to meet Great Aunt Carla!

Great Grammy was excited to see Jackson again.

The crew for Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1st Play Date and Big Bath

Snoozing with Mom

Not happy for my 1st play date with Grace Hudson

Getting clean in the tub

The Grants Visit

The Grants came to visit from Virginia

It wasn't all baby stuff, we had some time for Guitar Hero and the park too!

Surrounded By Family

Great Aunts Sandy and Laurie made the trip down from NH to visit

How cute am I?